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Hello Dear Fans,

The Clanns first formed in 2014. It was our love for Celtic influenced music that brought us together and we have had a wonderful time playing our music for you all. It’s been a great journey but the time has come for each of us to take a new path and consider new ventures. Thank you for all your support. Love from Scotty, Angela, Len, Terry and Al. (January 2018)

We are THE CLANNS!  We spell the Clans with 2 n’s because it is fun and traditional.
clann (rather than the clan)(Scottish Gaelic)(Irish)
Origin & history : From Old Irish cland, from Old Welsh plant, from Latin planta.

From high energy originals like “Lucky Bastard” and “Man of the Hour”, to staple Irish classics like “The Night Pat Murphy Died”, the music transformed The Nanaimo Bar into an Irish Pub for a night. I look forward to much more from this group, and think they are one to keep an eye on moving forward.

Drawing their influences from traditional and modern music from the likes of Flogging Molly and the Pogues, The Clanns are known for their spirited and fun shows that entertain fans of all ages.
In 2014, they released a live off the floor demo CD which received great reviews. In the late Spring of 2015, their official debut CD was released featuring a fine selection of their original tunes. This too was met with positive reviews and is now available on iTunes for your enjoyment. Their music has been featured on such shows as “Celt in a Twist”, CBC’s “All Points West”, “Paddy Rock Radio” and “Irish & Celtic Music Podcast”.

Bringing more than a pint of fervor and charm, The Clanns are a lively Celtic Rock band from Vancouver Island, BC.
Come hear this unique and diverse group of talented musicians and bring your dancing shoes!

Scotty Guy – Guitar & Vocals- Golden voice Scotty has been a traveling musician throughout western Canada since the 90’s. In 1996 he boarded a freight train for the coast, and later made his way to Errington BC. On a fine winter’s day, in a Qualicum Beach cafe, he met up with the members who would eventually become the Clanns.

Al Black Davidson – Drums,Vocals & Mandolin – A Canadian lad with Scottish heritage, spent many years on the road touring with various Roots bands and drinking beer. He was also the original drummer of Canada’s Rockabilly Madmen “the Nervous Fellas”

Terry Parker – Bass & Vocals – From the Eastern shores of Nova Scotia, Terry has been raised with the music of the Celts and the whiskeys in the jars.

Len Imbery – Accordion & Vocals -Hailing from the moors of Saskatchewan with a checkered heritage and past, is a qualified Irish-come-lately as he is a purveyor of beer and fine spirits, done while simultaneously playing an accordion.

Angela – Fiddle & Vocals. This wee leprechaun is the Clanns lucky charm! Her fiddle riffs are magically delicious!




  1. Art and Aldine

    Enjoyed the band tonight in Victoria at the Irish Times pub

  2. Art and Aldine

    Enjoyed you at the Irish times pub

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